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Paperwork paperwork paperwork…

OK – yes – I had to get to this point at some stage, and now I am here!

Norway has extensive social goods – and we are proud of it (at least I am). This means each family gets 970 crownes per child per month from they are born  until they are 18 years old. Per month, that is approximately USD485 – which is money needed for each family. Now – I started hearing rumors suddenly that this payment would stopp if I moved to the US for a year as a visiting scholar – so I did some research to find out.

Well – this rumor appears on the face to be wrong!

Norway and the US has a deal, which means that as a visiting scholar who gets paid from her Norwegian employer during her  year abroad, I still am a member of the Norwegian National Insurance (I have to pay for it – but that is part of my income tax anyways) – here is proof:

BECAUSE I am still a member, due to the aforementioned, I will not lose the USD485 monthly payments even though we are moving out of the country – here is proof of this:

UPDATE: see bottom of this post

Documents are in Norwegian – by the way.

I have sent the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organization – the officials in question here – a mail asking for confirmation of this beforehand! I am also printing out hard copies of these two documents – since I have experience with web-pages suddenly changing in light of my questions LOL

NEXT UP: Tax authorities – because apparantly – I am supposed to have to pay ONLY the Norwegian National Insurance fee while in the US and NO ADDITIONAL TAXES because of this cool deal we have with the US.

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