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Oslo University has an OK checklist…

  1. Employer
    Are there administrative issues that need to be discussed with the administration at your University?
  2. Work- or tourist visas
    Do you need a visa? Do you need to sort out other official stuff? The institution you are going to (in my case UCSB) will know a lot – as will the US (or other) embassy in Norway. A good place to start is  UDs land- og reiseinformasjon.
  3. Social Benefits
    Both social security insurance, pension fund and insurance in the national pension fund (Statens Pensjonskasse) is tied to membership in the Norwegian national social security fund. Information about membership in it can be had from your local social security office (lokalt trygdekontor) or the foreign social security office(NAV utland) (formerly. Folketrygdkontoret for utenlandssaker). If your stay is for more than 12 months you should apply for voluntary membership in the social security fund. You need to tell your local office when you have returned to Norway.
  4. Taxes
    Norway has tax-agreements with a number of nations (including the US – you only have to pay for social security – no other taxers – more on this when Iknow more). Contact your local tax-office. Make sure they know your exact dates (which you will get on your invitation letter from the host institution – no visa without exact dates – just give them a copy of hte letter). A new tax-slip (skattekort) has to be sent to your employer.
  5. Insurance
    Travelinsurance while on work only covers worktravel that is covered by your reimbursementslip (reiseregning), not visiting scholar travels. Contact your private insurance company to make sure your are covered.
  6. Bank
    You should consider an international credit card if you are going to continue having your Norwegian bank account (or you could open a bank account in the US – but I am pretty sureyou need a social security number for it – but I will let you know when I know).
  7. Register your move (direct link to the form)
    The National Registration Office (folkeeregisteret) needs to be informed of your move if nobody in your family is going to be living in your home or if your stay is for more than 6 months.
  8. Military
    If you have to, make sure you let them know  your are leaving the country.

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  • Kristin Wergeland Brekke

    Banking and payment

    In order to open a US bank account you only need your passport and documentation of local recidence such as house rental agreement and utility bills (*). You will need an American account for paying bills (checking account), for donations to your local school or for paying gasoline at the pump. Otherwise a Norwegian Visa card works perfectly well in stores and restaurants, as well as for most internet payments (Visa/Mastercard). The Norwegian card is also the cheapest to use if you need cash at an ATM as you want to transfer as little money as possible to your US account.

    (*) You don’t need a social security number to open an account. Be also aware that you are not entitled to and should not apply for a Social Security number unless you will have income from US sources during your stay.

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