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Santa Barbara – here we are!

So we are here – in Santa Barbara – living with the Gaines family outside of Goleta!

Before coming here, we drove here from Los Angeles and it was crowded traffic conditions – on a sunday! We were both in awe at how beautiful it was here and were excited to drive into Santa Barbara after an hour and a half!

Our first order of business was to look at an Open House and we hated the house but loved the area – and were pleasently surprised to learn that the neighborhood was the same as the house we were going to see the following day.

So we went to have pizza at Giovannis at the Mesa area and loved the area and the pizza! We also drove by the house we were going to go look at the next day!

After pizza we drove to our host home in Goleta – and found it with no help from the GPS unit (which we agreed to add on at Alamo!)

When we got there, our hosts Steve and Pati had invited their Norwegian friends – a couple from Tromsø – and we spent the evening drinking lovely wine, eating fantastic food and having great conversations – and I am so happy to be here and so excited to be moving here – this is going to be a great year!!!

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