The day before the day…

And we are starting to get set now – we are packing and getting ready mentally to leave Arild and be apart for 4 months. Little Theodore is getting sad about leaving Arild, poor little guy… Arild too is feeling it might be a good idea to come to the US for a short little trip in about two months! I really hope it will pan out! We are getting excited too though! Mom is picking us up at the airport and Terri – our landlord – is getting the bedding we ordered washed and put on the beds so that it is ready for us when we get there – she is so lovely and we are so fortunate!

So now – all that is left – is for me to pack my stuff – the kids have picked out all the clothes they are bringing!

So tomorrow our plane leaves at 3 pm for Iceland and I have downloaded lots of movies for Bella for the trip, Theodore is getting a new DS game tomorrow and William is getting the two last Hardy Boys books to read 🙂 Now – all I have to do tomorrow is mail a letter and a package, and VOTE in the local elections at the library before the plane leaves!

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