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Williams soccer tournament this weekend!

So – we had barely landed before William had his first soccer practice! This was a rough start, but William had a blast and the boys were really nice and welcoming – taking care of him and making sure he felt welcome to the team.

So he had three days of practice – two hours each – before he had a day off (when he did surfing) before there were two days of games.

The first day they had two games, and they unfortunately lost both – and I dare say they never had much of a chance in either game! They met really tough competition. William played some – not all the time – it was obvious they were trying to find out where he would fit in best and it worked, because on day two, he

played a whole half and almost scored several times and he played really well with the other boys!

The fun thing was that after the third game, on Sunday, two of his teammates called him and asked him to come hang out with them and go to the beach to go boogie boarding – and finally, William felt like he had made good friends here in Santa BArbara and he now loves living here!

It was in other words a really nice weekend for William where he cemented some early friendships and felt so much better about being here in the US!

That means the world to me as a mom – to know my son is happy and adjusted! He is finally feeling secure here – now all we need to overcome is the school hurdle – because none of these soccer boys go to his school!

Here are more pix!

Working out an waiting for game 3!

Serious workout before a game in the heat!

I had to be on the Gatorade stand day 1 and Theodore helped me out!

Red shirts day 1 – this was the day they lost a lot!

Playing basketball with his new purple soccer ball after the game!

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