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Our fantastic day at the beach!

Arriving at Refugio State Beach, California

Today was a lovely day and we had made a decision the night before at California Pizza Kitchen to go with Micah and her children to the beach today! So we set off to the beach after going first to the bank to once again, get cash from a cashier and then going to Kmart to get life vest for Theodore and safety arms for Bella.

Bellas new swim attire!

So we got to Refugio beach, which also is a camp ground, and the weather was lovely and nice and we loved it!

Bella and Theodore immediately put on their new safety gear, and Bella sat nicely down on the beach side with it on and played with her new beach toys, whereas Theodore plunged head first into the waves with a boogie board and started playing California surfer boy!

Theodore playing in the waves

He did great, did he, Theodore! He loved being in the water but he was shivering throughout the entire play! The water in the Pacific is not what you might expect – it is rather like the fjords of Nord-Trondelag in summer – pretty chilly in other words!

William also found a new love in the water – ocean crabs – pretty small ones – but he and the other boys found ways of finding and exploring them by making little ponds and having the waves bring them in!

Looking for crabs

The end of the story is that by 3 pm, we had ice cream, and then we all rushed back into the city because at 4 pm, there was soccer practice that three of the six boys that were with had to be at!

Soccer practice was great, and ended with two of Williams friends running after him and the three agreeing that there HAD to be a sleepover that night, but where oh where, and finally, it was decided that the best place to have it would be at our house! So right now, three boys are STILL awake at 11 pm watching Austin Powers and having a blast! William speaks fluently English upstairs, it is almost crazy to listen to him! He speaks it as if this was his first language – my little boy!

More pix from today!

Playing in Paradise burying big little brother!
Playing with sandcastles in Paradise!
Always a must on a beach!
It was so cold in the air, the kids loved the hot sand!


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