Annabelle,  Daycare

Bella started daycare!

Pictures tell a thousand words!

Bella was extremely excited for her first day of daycare, and she has been preparing for it for weeks and finally, last monday, the day had arrived when she would finally go! She had brought a lunch, a change of clothes and her sleeping bag.

Ready to go - new dress and all!
Backpack shot, just like her big brothers!
Outside the YMCA gates - she is SO ready!
Yeah, and this picture tells you how the rest of the week went!

Day one and day two went ok, but day three was a nightmare (which could be explained by the car crash she expreienced seconds before going into daycare – so I took her home again). Day four she screamed and clutched to me and finally the teacher just took her and she stopped screaming after a while. Same day four… we are not very excited about Tuesday… she is soooo sad. I told her she could put a picture of me in her pocket and she just screamed, tears rolling, saying she didnt want a picture, she wanted me…

Hopefully this too shall pass…

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