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Revise and Resubmit

I am now working on my 3rd “revise and resubmit” of 2012, which in my personal experience is pretty great – but wow – not all revise and resubmits are created equal! My first one this year was from Marine Policy, Norwegian aquaculture expansion and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM): Simmering conflicts and competing claims, and only had minor changes, and is already published:

The second one was for Ocean and Coastal Management, Regime formation at the agenda formation stage analyzed from a Futuristic plankton perspective, and had significantly more changes, but pretty clear cut ones that were understandable and straight forward – it did take some hours to fix it, but not unmanageable, and this one too is now online:

Now the third one… wow… I have now sat here for four hours at the coffee shop and I am on page 5 – of 27 – in the revision process… The article is called International Regime Analysis in the Northeast Atlantic – but it really does need a snazzier title, since it is more about scenarios and futures studies… I have to go now, but keep working on it – but wow – not all revise and resubmits are created equal…

What my reviewer says though, and I absoltuely agree with her, is that when I am done with this revision, the article will be MUCH better!

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