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Last week in Santa Barbara

This is the plan for my last week working in Santa Barbara:

MONDAY June 11th

Starbucks 5 am. Transcribe as many hours of workshop and regular interviews as possible. Minimum goal: Ventura Workshop transcribed, and Conditional Probability Table made – call the three Gillnetters and ask them to meet you, preferably on Thursday, but Tuesday works too (just need to bring the kiddos)!

MUST REMEMBER – contact the environmental NGOs and ask them to please please please return the forms I sent them…

5 pm – Theodore has his last Tae Kwon Do practice.

All afternoon – keep packing – Arild goes to the shipping place in LA with a U-Haul tomorrow and everything that is being shipped by boat has to be done by then. Did I mention I have bought 22 pillows in 11 months? That takes up space.

TUESDAY June 12th

Up at 5 am to work from home – no Starbucks – Arild leaves for LA at about 5 am for the entire day. We were originally meant to go with him to do a sightseeing day in LA together. Then we imagined hanging out at the shipping place loading boxes with three kids who were super bored after 3 hours of rush traffic through LA. Decided it was better I stayed home with them.

So we are going to the Butterfly Exhibit and the Museum of Natural History instead – I have a free family ticket – which we need now – cash is low these last few days in Santa Barbara.

If my Ventura fishermen want to see me Wednesday, however, I will pack the kids in the car and go to Ventura Harbor! The kids will love it there LOL


My plan is for this to be my last University of California, Santa Barbara, day! I have a meeting planned with a couple of very fantastic colleagues that have helped me out immensely with my research this year – and I have been so fortunate and blessed to have them in my professional life! My research will then be wrapped up – all the data should now be done and the interviews transcribed and the conditional probabitlity tables filled out! I am in data overload now – and I am pretty excited to start working on articles when I get back to Trondheim this summer!

This could also – of course – be the day the Ventura Fishermen are ok seeing me. I will have to rearrange all plans then. Which I will – happily!

4 pm – Theodore is up for an orange belt in Tae Kwon Do

6:30 pm – Nite Moves for the last time in Santa Barbara

After Nite Moves – Apples to Apples at our dear friends´home

THURSDAY June 14th

Still open – because I plan to either 1) go out fishing with two of the Santa BArbara fishermen if possible or 2) go to Ventura and see my three Gill-netters if I still have not done so. Please God, let me have already seen them… I neither happens, I guess I have a day off – in which case I will insist on going to a couple of wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley 🙂

Night Time – Dinner date with our dear friends Deanna and Cory!

FRIDAY June 15th —

We are planning on going to have lunch with Bellas daycare – YMCA Channel Islands!

Post Lunch — off to Los Angeles!

SATURDAY June 16th —

WE LEAVE FOR COSTA RICA and 3 weeks of vacation!!!

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