Leaving Paradise

All our stuff is here now from Santa Barbara

Our boxes have arrived!

Our stuff arrived today – August 17th – and we are now completely full in the house! Our memories come flooding back and it is both sad and exciting to see everything again. Sad, because it reminds us of what is no more. Exciting, because a little piece of materialistic heaven has returned to us – all the things we felt were most valuable to us!

And one of those things (or rather – a whole bunch of them) are here as well!
Winter will be easier to tackle with some wine-memories from our time visiting vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley! God, how I miss that…
Unpacking all this stuff into a house that was filled up to begin with is going to be a challenge however.
Our house was FULL before we left for California – filled to the brim with stuff and books and more stuff – and quite frankly – most of what is coming out of these boxes are even more STUFF… but it is California memories stuff, so stuff it!

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