Fulbright,  Houston,  On the move

We are on the move again!

In August, we will move again – to Houston, Texas! We are so excited all of us (with the possible exception of our oldest son who will be 17 soon).

We had wanted to go again for a long while and I was so happy when I was selected as the Fulbright Arctic Chair for 2018 – which effectively ensured that it would be possible!

I will be affiliated with Texas A&M University at Galveston, where I will be working on the following topics, with a special focus on the Arctic, marine plastics and climate change:

  • The internationally legally binding instrument (ILBI) on the management of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ);
  • Regime theory: agenda formation, negotiations and implementations of new regimes;
  • International maritime conflicts; and
  • Balancing competing claims to coastal and maritime areas at different levels of analysis.

These topics match with the Maritime Studies (MAST) program at Texas A&M, and their expertise in coastal and maritime communities of the past and present, and how their social, political and cultural lives were influenced by the sea. I will work closely with my friend Elizabeth Nyman (far left in picture below from Pyramiden, Svalbard), who I have known for years through the International Studies Association (ISA).


Stay tuned for many more updates in the months to come!


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