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Date set for VISA interview!!

So – the date has been set for my VISA interview for our upcoming trip to the US – I am so very grateful I am under the wing of Fulbright here – since this is a long and complicated process and they are taking care of it for us!

My interview date is June 4th – and both my husband and I have to go down to Oslo for the day. We are thinking of going there the day before so that it wont be so rushed – since I have to be in Brussels for a kick off meeting for a Horizon2020 project the next day.

This day, there will also be an informational meeting – which we also had the last time we went to the US in 2011 with Fulbright – and at this meeting, I got so much good information that ended up being very critical – much of which I have written about in this blog already if you do a search.

The fun part is the reception at the Norwegian Nobel Institute that afternoon – from 17-19 – when we get our official awards. Here is the link from when I was there last time – in 2011 and a picture of the 8 year younger me in the middle there:  https://researchermomonthemove.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/fulbright-grantee-award-seremony/


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