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My first visit to Texas A&M University at Galveston

Sign as we drive into campus in Galveston

The last week of April, I went to Texas to:

  1. Meet future colleagues and check out campus;
  2. Find areas where I might want to live;
  3. Find a house; and
  4. Find good schools that belong to the neighborhood of said house.

This post is about Texas A&M University at Galveston – where I will be working at the Maritime Studies program with Assistant Professor Elizabeth Nyman – a Political Scientist who works on interdisciplinary maritime issues like myself. The Maritime Studies program itself is interdisciplinary and works in collaboration with other programs at TAMUG.  In fact, Maritime Studies students get to choose from classes in archeology, anthropology, history, literature, law, public policy, classical studies, culture, museum studies, and communication to name a few.

Assistant Professor Elizabeth Nyman at the Maritime Studies office at TAMUG

I will be working with Dr. Nyman on issues that relate to International Law, with a specific focus on the Arctic, plastics and the upcoming treaty negotiations on Biodiversity protection in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJj treaty).  We will both be going to treaty negotiations in New York City at the UN building during this year, and we will also travel to other colleagues and hold seminars on the topic.

Am I excited about starting my Visiting Scholar year in Texas – absolutely! The group of faculty and staff that I met when visiting were immensely welcoming and I look forward to spending time working with them. I am already collaborating with two of Dr. Nymans colleagues on joint publications, which is promising.




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