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Phuh – finally see the light at the end of the tunnel

The US embassy in Oslo, Norway – from https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/USAs_ambassade_i_Oslo

Thank God for Fulbright. In all honesty, I really dont know how other people without the resources of Fulbright in the back are able to do this…

The beautiful people of Fulbright have now filled in my DS 2019 – Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (J-Non Immigrant), and given med “hold my hand” instructions on how to fill in the DS 160 (which I can not even remember having filled out last time around – but I surely must have – and have proof of when I searched my own website for DS 160).

I can see that even then, I was confused about the photos – and this time around I just put in the bad picture on all of them because nothing I tried with my photo worked – so I am banking on bringing in the photos to my Visa Interview on June 4th (Monday in about two weeks). Arild is coming with me to the interview – as he must – but none of the kids have to come since they are all under 14 (Theodore is 13) except William – but he is a US citizen so problem solved – no need for a visa.

But now – after hours and hours of work, mostly trying to figure out the dates of our five last trips to the US, I have sent them in. The inteview is at the US embassy on Morgedalsveien 36 in Oslo.

For this meeting, I will have to bring:

  • The receipt pages of the filled out DS 160 (got them)
  • Passports for all of us
  • One passport photo (which Japan Photo should be able to give good ones for with experience, says Fulbright).

Now my only concern is that I am traveling to Brussels the day after the VISA interview… how will that work? I know it is Schengen – but do I not need a passport for traveling there???

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