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Skatteetaten – updated tips from the origin

So – in searching my own blog and the internet to ensure that I get the correct information in place that will ensure that I get a tax reduction in Norway during my stay in the US – I found this text on a page – and it is approved by the Norwegian tax authorities:

It says to:

  1. Send in the application for changed tax rate on form RF1102 (which I did not know – so this is new for me – your welcome)
    • Add in a confirmation letter from your employer that has your:
      • Employment information (full time? part time?)
      • Income
      • The project you will work on while in the US
      • The period you will be in the US for
    • Invite from your US institution – it has to be clear in the invite that you are indeed invited!
    • Refer to article 15 of the tax agreement between the US and Norway
    • Inform that you would like a tax card that ONLY is for the period you are staying in the US (10% rate), you HAVE to remember to apply for a new tax card once you return.
  2. After you return from the US – or at the latest at the start of November the year – you fill out the form “Confirmation of stay in the US” – this one is the basis that your employer needs in order report the salary you have made while in the US to the tax authorities.
  3. In your tax return, you once more have to DEMAND your taxes are lowered with form RF1150 this time. This has to be done each year you get salary that you earned while you lived in the US – including vacation money (so for me, I need to do this for my tax return in 2018, 2019, AND 2020 – even though I move home in 2019 – because I get vacation pay in 2020 that was earned the first six months while I was in the US as well).

This was approved by the Tax authorities on January 16th 2018 Lars Settemsdal.





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