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Countdown to TX is on!

YES – we got our tickets to the US now – we are leaving on the 16th of August – myself and the three youngest children. As you know, my husband is not coming until Christmas and our oldest son is not moving with us (he is visiting us ever single vacation – so four trips in the year we are gone).

The kids have been asking and asking for long it is left until we leave – so we decided to make a countdown calendar – and low and behold – the kids finished it and the countdown is on!

We found out that there were 60 days left until our take off date, and therefore made six rows of 10 days in each, counting down from 60 to 1 – and the kids decorated it with glitter glue.

Then we hung it on the wall, under our awesome clock, and every day the kids are crossing out another box! This is getting real – and we are so excited!!!


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