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HELFO… with an emphasis on HEL…

So – this is very confusing – even though I have done this once before – but it is after all more than 7 years since I went to California.

HELFO believes this webpage has all the answers in the world – and this page just opens up Pandoras box of questions. They refer us to EQUIAN – which is the US insurance agent that works for the Norwegian government, ensuring that I dont have any out-of-pocket health care expenses while in the us.

So I contacted EQUIAN directly and asked them what to do – and they were kind enough to inform me that in order for them to send me the insurance cards they needed:

  1. Names and personal numbers of all the insured
  2. Address to send it to
  3. Confirmation from NAV or HELFO that I was allowed to go to the US (what????)

-So that is where I am at – I am trying to find out what the heck this confirmation letter is all about and where I can get it (scream)… now that is something they could have put up on their HelseNorge webpage (link to request for confirmation letter for EQUIAN would be convenient).

This is the telephone number for HELFO: tel:+47 800 43573

I should probably have called earlier – because – well (embarrassed) — this is the link you need: 

On point 2 here, you can go via Altinn and ask for a confirmation letter that you can send to EQUIAN and you will get your insurance cards 🙂

Remember to choose “USA” as country (not Norway as I did first) and then you can choose that you need a confirmation. In this application for confirmation letter, you also need a confirmation letter from your employer stating that they are sending you abroad and that you are going to get a salary from Norway while you are away. I just used the same letter they wrote for me for Skatteetaten when I applied for tax exemption :-/

We shall see if that is enough.

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