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Texas plastic pollution symposium

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 my colleague Elizabeth Nyman and I went to Corpus Christi in southern Texas for the Texas Plastic Pollution Symposium. We had two presentations there; the first on international law and plastic pollution and the second was a presentation of the GoJelly project.

The purpose of this symposium was to bring together scientists, students, coastal managers, and elected officials to share research on plastic pollution conducted around the State of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. 

This was particularly interesting to me as a Fulbright Arctic Chair with a focus on plastic pollution, as it gave both Liz and I the opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over Texas on

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this topic, learning what the challenges are in this area as compared to that in other places of the world.

The title of the first presentation was “Stopping the Plastic Wave: Marine Plastic Pollution and International Law”, focusing on what the limitations of

international law are in terms of actually managing this source of pollution at a global level.

The other presentation was about the GoJelly project, titled “A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution” which I also presented later that week at the Fulbright conference in Puebla, Mexico.

As such, some of the results presented at this conference were of particular interest in that they went straight to the heart of the problem of waste water treatment plants and their inability to catch microplastics and microfibres released into the waterways via the plants (and from our households to begin with naturally).


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