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Start of NordSalt!

I am one of the lucky researchers of the world who gets to work interdisciplinary with very exciting researchers of all walks of disciplines and geographical areas and projects with exciting themes on topics I formerly knew nothing about – such as Nordic Salt Marshes!

Copyright: Adobe Stock Photo. Water basin in the salt marshes in St Peter ording on the German coast of the North sea

The NordSalt tagline is: Climate Change Impacts and Biodiversity Interactions in Nordic Salt Marshes. The aim of this three-year project, that started this March 1st, is to assess the nature, diversity, extent and long-term changes of Nordic coastal marsh habitats. This is so that we are able to evaluate the role of salt marshes in climate regulation and assess their vulnerability to not only future climate warming scenarios, but also local environmental pressures and management decisions.

My role in this project is to lead the stakeholder integration and governance work – or work package 1 – Co-production through stakeholder engagement, policy integration, & nature-based solutions. I will work closely with facilitators in each of the case areas in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany to ensure cross-case comparability of scenario building co-production events to assess where the challenges and opportunities lie with Nordic Salt Marshes.

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