Starting 2021

  • BiodivERsA 2021-2024: NordSalt: Climate Change Impacts and Biodiversity Interactions in Nordic Salt Marshes. WP leader for WP1: Co-production through stakeholder engagement, policy integration and nature-based solutions.
  • RCN 2021-2022: COASTAL Squared: A Norwegian perspective in a network of coastal-rural synergetic case areas across Europe. Project Coordinator. FORSTERK Coordination and Support Activity.
  • RCN 2021-2024: CompareIt!: Opportunities and challenges with innovations in aquaculture production systems. Project Coordinator. KSPSAMARBEID20 – Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project.
  • RCN 2021-2024: Plasticene: Development of tools for increased resource utilisation, circularity and regulatory support of plastic use in Norway. WP leader for WP4: Multi-Actor Integration and Communications. KSPSAMARBEID20 – Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project.
  • RCN 2021-2024: R-CONTROL: Technology for effective and sustainable resource control. WP leader for WP 5: Dissemination and Communication. KSPSAMARBEID20 – Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project.
  • RCN 2021-2025: GOMPLAR: Governance of Marine Litter in the Arctic. Comparing international governance and legal frameworks to inform Arctic governance. WP leader for WP4: Orchestration. FORSKER20 – Researcher project.

Ongoing projects

  • HORIZON2020 – 2020-2023: In-No-Plastic: Innovative approaches towards prevention, removal and reuse of marine plastic litter. WP leader for WP8: Ethics.
  • RCN 2020-2021: More GoJelly! Serious games for serious communication: Jellyfish mucus as a solution for microplastic pollution. Project Coordinator. FORSTERK Coordination and Support Activity.
  • HORIZON2020 – 2019-2023: SUMMERSustainable management of mesopelagic resources. WP leader for WP
  • HORIZON2020 – 2018-2022: COASTAL: Collaborative Land Sea Integration Platform. WP leader for WP1: Multi-Actor Analysis.
  • HORIZON2020 – 2018-2021: SMARTFISH: Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector. Project Manager and WP leader Dissemination.
  • HORIZON2020 – 2018-2021: GoJelly! A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution.WP leader Socio-Ecological System and Games.

Completed projects

  • COST Action: CA15217 – Ocean Governance for Sustainability– challenges, options and the role of science: Management Committee Member, Norway
  • RCN 2016-2019: REGIMESAn interdisciplinary investigation into scenarios of national and intl conflicts in the Svalbard zone under a changing climate in the Arctic: WP leader and participant in WP2: CONSULT;Operational Manager of project
  • NCE Aquaculture project 2015: A-BALANSEDevelopment of methods for evaluating area-planning og the development process for aquaculture localities in Norwegian coastal municipalities. (In Norwegian: Metodeutvikling for evaluering av arealplanleggings- og utviklingsprosessen for havbrukslokaliteter i norske kystkommuner.)
  • RCN 2014-2017: STARR: Sustainable aquaculture – regulation and reputation; WP leader and participant in WP3: Study of the relationship between the industry and supervisors/regulators.
  • EU 2013-2017: OCEAN-CERTAIN: Ocean Food Web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing targeted uncertainties with an interactive network; Operational Leader and participant in the Social Science work package
  • RCN 2013: A.I. CLIMATE– Mixing Artificial Intelligence and Social Science Methods: Quantifying Stakeholder Perceptions and Vulnerabilities to Climate Change; Project Leader, pre-project
  • RCN 2012-2015: CINTERA–A Cross-disciplinary Integrated Eco-systemic Eutrophication Research and Management Approach; Work Package Leader: Assessing Adaptive Capacity (Conflict)
  • RCN 2012-2015: JANUS-Modeling an Interdisciplinary Early Warning System for Future Fisheries Scenarios: A socio-bio-economic value-chain evaluation; Work Package Leader: Assessing Adaptive Capacity
  • EU 2012-2016: MYFISH; participant in the socio-economic packages looking at adaptive capacity of stakeholders to new MSY variations.
  • NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program 2012: Maximizing the Value of Offshore Aquaculture Development in the Context of Multiple Ocean Uses; Associated Researcher.